Casey Neistat Career holds some inspiration for people who are seeking out motivation. This man started as a dishwasher – placed so much effort into his YouTube career, and went through so many highways to become a renowned filmmaker. 

Casey Neistat is one of the popular faces on the YouTube platform right now, with over 13 million subscribers. He has also worked as a filmmaker, for which he got featured on CNN, HBO, and other many well-known channels. But did you know? – Casey had a “Real” long journey to reach the peak of the successful life he is living right now. If not, have a look at the below-written post, where we have jotted down this talented YouTuber’s career highlights precisely.

Casey Neistat Career Started By Working As A Dishwasher At A Local Restaurant

Many of you must be unaware that this millionaire YouTuber and filmmaker, once worked as a dishwasher. He first worked at a local restaurant and later started serving at luxurious food chains as a dishwasher, for which he earned $8 per hour.

From a dishwasher to a YouTuber and Filmmaker

From a dishwasher to a YouTuber and Filmmaker

He Decided To Start A Brand New Career Life As A Filmmaker Alongside His Brother

After getting fed up with his ordinary life, Casey decided to become a filmmaker alongside his brother Tom. The brothers first released a short film, “Science Experiment,” which was later purchased by the HBO entertainment channel. The series was quite interesting and suspenseful, for which many other channels and magazines, including The Washington Post, Rolling Stone Magazine, BBC News, CBS News, and Fox News, got interested in his work.

Casey Started His YouTube Career In 2010

After stepping into the world of entertainment, Casey created a self-titled YouTube channel. He first started sharing career tips with his subscribers and Twitter Fam and later decided to share his daily lifestyle by uploading vlogs and challenge videos.

Casey Neistat While Vlogging

Casey Neistat While Vlogging

He Grabbed Massive Fame After A Few Lifestyle Vlogs

The same year (2010), Casey came under the media limelight after uploading videos titled “Make It Count,” “The Vietnam Notebook,” and “Draw My Life.” People loved the way he shared his everyday life while keeping the content informative and family-friendly.

He Had A Chance To Present A Show Under The CNN Label

Making himself one of the well-known faces on the internet wasn’t that hard, as Casey faced a real career crisis when he lost the deal with the CNN channel. According to Wikipedia, Casey made a multimedia company, “Beme,” that CNN wanted to run on their channel as a television show.

But after Casey started working on the other creative space project, which is called “368,” the deal between Casey and CNN got canceled. This sudden disagreement also affected Casey Neistat net worth a lot.

Casey Neistat at CNN

Casey Currently Runs “The Nas Academy”

While running a successful YouTube channel, merch, and other social media profiles, Casey is managing “The Nas Academy” as well with his dear brother Tom. It’s an institute, which helps people around the United States to learn the basic steps and needs of becoming a content creator.

Summing Up!

After scrolling through the success story of Casey, we are sure that right now, you are fully motivated to do something exceptional. Don’t let go of this inspiration and start following your dreams right now to make your future self proud!

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