Casey Neistat has around nine tattoos on his body (mainly on his arms), which have influential messages and meanings that can “Really” motivate an ordinary person to do something extraordinary in life. The YouTuber is a renowned personality and entertainer from the United States. He is known for having an imposing rich life with a stunningly amazing personality and body physique. Take a look below to get info regarding each of his tattoos with their detailed meaning.

Casey Neistat Got “9” Tattoos Total!

#1: Do More Tattoo

The first yet the most popular Casey’s tattoo – “Do More,” is located on his right forearm. The meaning of this tattoo is about motivation and self-esteem that you can increase by working on what you like or love what you are doing.

Casey Neistat Do More Tattoo

Casey’s Do More Tattoo

#2: Work Harder Tattoo

Besides having a full-day motivation with his “Do More” tattoo, Casey loves showing off his “Work Harder” ink art to his fans, which is located on his left hand’s wrist. The tattoo was made by the famous Artist Eric from New Vision Tattoo, Gainesville, GA, and means to make yourself realize every second that you are the only one who can change everything by working hard.

Casey Neistat Work Harder Tattoo

Neistat Work Harder Tattoo

#3: Always Be Closing Tattoo

The “Always Be Closing” tattoo is present on Casey’s left arm. It’s styled in italics font. And as per Casey’s statements, the tattoo is a tribute to his grandmother.

Casey Neistat Always Be Closing Tattoo

Always Be Closing Tattoo on Casey’s arm

#4: Fish Bite Tattoo

Located on his right arm, the “Fish Bite” tattoo reminds Casey of the day when a tiger fish bit him in the Zambezi river – when he visited the Devil’s Pool with his son Owen Neistat.

#5: The Marathon Times Tattoo

The “Marathon Times” Tattoo is on Casey’s left thigh. It simply represents the meaning of hustling more to achieve your dreams by working harder every day. Casey updated his fans about this ink art on his Instagram story by sharing, “I have a hash tattoo with my marathon PRs on my left leg.”

Casey Neistat The Marathon Times Tattoo

Casey Neistat The Marathon Times Tattoo

#6: The 30 Tattoo

A few of Casey Neistat tattoos are meaningless, likewise to his “30” tattoo. Many people assume that he made the tattoo when he turned 30, but on the other hand, people have stated that his “30” tattoo was probably just for fun – as he once told his fandom that he would love having some “Digit” tattoos on his arms.

Casey Neistat The 30 Tattoo

The 30 Tattoo on Casey’s lower arm

#7: The Peony Flower Tattoo

This tattoo is located on Casey’s left arm bicep. The tattoo simply tells us the meaning of beauty, love, and affection that a person has for nature. Moreover, as per, this tattoo was tattooed by a soldier named Roger.

Casey Neistat The Peony Flower Tattoo

The Peony Flower Tattoo on Neistat’s Bicep

#8: June 4. 2010 Tattoo

Back on June 4, 2010, Casey, alongside his brother, produced a show known as “Neistat Brothers” on HBO. This was one of Casey’s biggest career successes, for which he decided to tattoo “June 4. 2010” on his left forearm. Moreover, the tattoo is close to his “5678,” which he had with his “30” tattoo.

#9: The Outline Of Connecticut Tattoo

The last and the most unique Casey Neistat tattoo – “Outline Of Connecticut” is based on the downside of his “5678” and “June 4. 2010” tattoos. The ink art reminds him of his hometown, where he was born – Gales Ferry, Ledyard, Connecticut, United States.

Casey Neistat June 4. 2010 Tattoo

Neistat June 4. 2010 Tattoo

Wrapping Up!

In this post, we told you about all the multiple Casey Neistat tattoos he has around his body. We hope that this post was informative and beneficial for you all.

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