Marques Brownlee net worth is around $40 million. Through the exceptional YouTube content, where Brownlee (MKBHD) reviews different tech-themed products, the well-known YouTuber has become one of the biggest tech YouTubers on the internet right now. He has revenue of millions, which he makes from his ad-running business and collaborations. And in addition to that, he lives an elegant life and has three lavish cars that we will discuss in detail below. Read on!

OccupationYouTuber, Entrepreneur, And Media Personality
YouTube Earnings$8 Million
Total Net Worth$40 Million
YouTube ChannelMarques Brownlee YouTube Channel
Age30 years as of April 2024
CarsTesla Model S P100D, Tesla Roadster, And Range Rover Evoque.
Last UpdatedApril 2024

Marques Brownlee Net Worth Is Over Millions!

Having an accumulated net worth of $40 million, Marques is currently one of the highest-grossing YouTubers in the United States. From his YouTube, he earns around $8 Million, and the other estimation is mainly driven by ads and collaborations he performs on multiple social media profiles, including Instagram and Twitter.

Moving on, the content creator has a merch, which is named after his internet name – MKBHD, from which he makes a generous amount every month.

He Has Million-Dollar Flats And Villas In The United States

The renowned YouTuber Marques currently has three luxurious residents. He has a Commercial Office Building, which he bought for $700,000. And including this, the YouTuber has a $2 million 4,000 sq/ft Flat and a Villa in Austin, which he purchased a few years back for $1.5 Million. – Source

He Has An Exceptional Cars Collection

Marques owns around three cars. All of them are quite expensive and renowned among other YouTubers. His first car was the Tesla Model S P100D, which he bought for $130,000. He also owns a Tesla Roadster, which costs $450,000, and last but not the least, the YouTuber has a $90,000 Range Rover Evoque.

Marques Brownlee cars

Pictures Of Marques Brownlee cars

Summing Up!

Marques Brownlee is the most popular tech-themed YouTuber worldwide whose lucrative advertising and brand deals revenue is reaching the heights of victory by making him around $40 million almost every year. Moreover, MR. Brownlee has an imposing lifestyle with an amazing personality that always catches the media limelight every time he shows off his content-creating skills to the world.

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