In a twist of fate, Minecraft YouTuber and gamer’s Dream Face Reveal Video is humming in the YouTube Celeb’s news lines as Dream, aka Clay, reveals his face for the first time. He has been hiding his identity from fans and viewers of his videos for years, but he finally revealed himself on the YouTube channel “Dream” – in his video “Hi, I’m Dream.” In the video, he shows off his face by showing off a screenshot of himself from Minecraft. He waited so long because he didn’t want people to think he was doing it just because he wanted money.

Here’s The Dream Face Reveal Video

What’s Clay’s Take on Dream Face Reveal?

He said this was a way of showing himself in real life without being too obvious. Dream said that people could tell that he’s been using a mask to make his face look different from what it really looks like in real life because they can tell that some parts are missing from the picture: “There are times where I will go back over my work and erase lines here and there to make it look better,” Dream said.

Dream Face Reveal Pictures From Hi, I'm Dream Video

Dream Face Reveal Pictures From Hi, I’m Dream Video

Last year, he started a fundraising campaign to help him get plastic surgery, which raised $35,000 in donations. Now that he’s reached his goal, he’s ready to reveal what’s under those masks.

“I’ve been wearing a mask for 10 years now,” Dream says in a new video announcing his plans to reveal himself. “I’m starting off with this one because it’s something that I’m really proud of.”

He says that he wants people to know him for who he is and not for his YouTube persona. “It’s not about being famous or being famous on YouTube,” he says.“It’s about being yourself and being happy with what you have.”

What does the Audience think About His Face Reveal?

Reactions of fans on Dream Face Reveal Video!

Reactions of fans on Dream Face Reveal Video!

Some Stuff From Dream Face Reveal Tweets

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