The renowned Tesla owner, Elon Musk, announced the return of the former application “Vine” on his Twitter account while asking the well-known YouTuber, Mr. Beast, to share his advice on making it unique from other social media sites. Well! Before the web dismissed the Vine application, it was owned by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll until Twitter purchased it in October 2012.

And since the current owner of Twitter, Elon, has shown interest in its comeback by posting a three-word tweet on his account, fans want to know what YouTuber Beast got to with it and when the news will get official. Below we have jotted down some recent happenings that the billionaire and content creator have shared with their fans so far. Read onwards!

What Are The Renowned Media Personalities Doing For The Return Of Vine? – Explained:

Recently, Elon posted a tweet on his Twitter account where he asked his followers to vote on whether to bring the Vine application back or not. Many people showed interest in the comeback. But people got more curious when the prominent social media star and businessman Mr. Beast started communicating with the Tesla owner “Publically” while sharing inspiring ideas to make it unique from other sites.

Till this time, Elon hasn’t responded to the last tweet Beast shared, which indicates that the plan of pulling back Vine things up is not going to happen soon. And in case things get speedy in the future, make sure to check this post out again – as we will keep updating it regarding the latest happenings.


Elon Musk and Mr. Beast have been sharing “Real ” hilarious friendship goals since the Tesla owner purchased the Twitter application. But this time, the internet personality and celebrity have shared some exceptional ideas regarding everyone’s favorite former application, “Vine,” which grabbed the attention of millions of users internationally. We hope that this post was informative and helpful for you all!