Casey Neistat Twitter account is considered one of the most pro-Twitter profiles – having more than twittering stuff. Well! Casey is a well-known YouTuber (vlogger) and filmmaker, who has 2 Million followers on his Twitter account. He is known for his videos about social media, which include “vlogging,” “social media,” and “digital media.” Casey’s videos are highly entertaining and informative, so it’s no wonder that people love watching them. But have you ever wondered how much money he makes from his Twitter? Like what stuff does he tweets and earn a good amount? Below, we have discussed the top untold facts about Casey Twitter account. Have a look:

He Operates His Twitter Just Like Vlogging On YouTube

First things first, Casey is one of the most active personalities on Twitter right now. He keeps his fans and followers updated with almost everything he does throughout the day, which includes his breakfast, outings with family and friends, and side assignments. Well, Neistat’s tweets (that are only textual) are mostly just personal thoughts on topics such as technology and politics but they also contain some really interesting facts about his life like how he gets his ideas down when writing video scripts or why he decided to become a travel freak.

His Twitter Feed Is Loaded With No-Filter Nature Shots

Besides hanging out with loved ones, Casey loves spending time with himself and nature. And as his Twitter account’s field is filled with nature shots, it’s safe to say that this inspiring YouTube personality has a close relationship with the raw beauty of New York City and its nature.

His Twitter Is A Lot About His Travel Streaks

Moving on, Neistat is a big travel lover. Even on his YouTube channel and Instagram account, you guys can find hundreds of videos and images in which he is exploring new places around the world – for which he is also known as a travel blogger in the United States.

He Replies Frequently To His Fans There

Casey is a loving person and has an amazing personality. He loves spending time with his fans on his Twitter account by replying to them under his Tweets daily.

The Final Words!
Casey Neistat is a successful social media star. And apart from his inspiring lifestyle as a famous YouTuber, he is a filmmaker and media personality who has collaborated with hundreds of well-known brands and channels, including CNN. Also, he runs an institute called “The Nas Academy,” where he trains newbie content creators.

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