Lize grabbed fame for her motivational videos that she uploads on her YT channel, where she has 2.57M subscribers. On her Instagram, she has over 1M followers, and apart from that, she is the author of the book “TheWizardLiz Guide To Inner Healing.”

Below we will be shedding a light on TheWizardLiz age, net worth, partner, and other things related to her personal and professional life. Start reading!

TheWizardLiz Grew Up In An Abusive Environment

Lize has told multiple times in her YouTube videos about how much she struggled and suffered to find her true self. She was born on January 1, 1999, in Antwerp, Belgium. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn, her religion is Islam, and she holds American nationality, as she moved to the United States alongside her family when she was around six.

Till she turned 16, she used to stay depressed and was suffering anxiety issues due to the abusive environment she experienced in her house. Her parents’ names aren’t disclosed to the media, but she has one sister, who is also active on Instagram (ID name: Sabduced).

Lize Used To Sell Waffles And Carry Heavy Boxes To Make Money As A Child

Before starting her journey as a YouTuber, Lize used to sell waffles in her neighborhood to make money. When she grew up a bit, she started carrying heavy boxes with grown-up men in the market near her hometown so that she could buy the things she desire without taking anyone else’s help. She created her channel on December 24, 2016, and uploaded her first video at the start of 2022.

She Grabbed Fame After Uploading A Video Titled “Confidence Baby”

The video titled “Confidence Baby” grabbed massive fame for Lize. The video currently has 3.9 million views, and after this, another video titled “This Video Will Change Your Life” has over 5 million views. Furthermore, her TikTok account has 2.6M Followers, which helped her to attract more audiences around the world.

She Makes $500,000 From Her Socials

As of now, TheWizardLiz net worth is $500,000, which she makes from her social media profiles, promotions, and the modeling she does for brands.

She Have Dated Multiple Men In Her Past

TheWizardLiz boyfriend’s identity is not available on the internet. In many of her videos, she has stated that she is dating someone but never revealed his name or any other thing regarding him. Other than this, she has dated multiple guys in her past, whose identities are also unknown.


TheWizardLiz holds an inspiring personality and great belief in manifestation, which led her to achieve the success and abundance she always deserved. Her net worth is $500,000, and as of now, she is only 23 years old.