Bethany Mota has been in the spotlight for her weight gain and loss story. In the year of 2015, she gained around 15 kg, for which her fans spotted her, and she went viral. And after lots of hard work, she now weighs around 62 kg only. 

Bethany Mota is a popular YouTuber, fitness trainer, model, and social media star from the United States. She was born on November 7, 1995, started her career in 2009, and earned massive fame after gaining weight in 2015. But this fitness trainer did something “Real” inspiring stuff to lose weight that we are going to share with you guys below. Read on to know more about her weight gain and loss story.

How Much Weight Did Bethany Mota Gain In 2015?

As per Bethany’s YouTube videos, this fitness trainer gained around 15 kg in three months. And unfortunately, there isn’t much information about whether she gained more or not before creating a complete plan for her weight loss journey.

  • In 2015 – She Gained 15 KG
  • By The End Of 2017 – She weighed around 65 KG
  • And Now – She weighs around 62 KG
Bethany Mota Before And After

Bethany Mota Before And After

This Is The Diet Plan Bethany Shared With Her Fans While Losing Weight:

While working on her weight loss journey, Bethany revealed to her fans that she would start with some healthy meals, which would help her keep herself from ED (Eating Disorder). She later decided to exercise on a daily basis, and after that, she joined the gym. Bethany visited the gym five days a week. But for some personal reason, she decided to again exercise at home.

Well, fortunately, in a half year or two, Bethany earned her old body physique back. And currently, she has an hourglass body with exceptional personality features, in which she has dark brown eyes and brown hair (naturally).

Summing Up!

After lots of sweating and hard work, this fitness trainer, and one of the well-known social media stars – Bethany, finally got her fit body physique back in such a short while. And currently, she is now an inspiration for millions of people around the world who are struggling to start their weight loss journey.

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