Felipe Neto net worth is $20 million. He is a Portuguese-Brazilian YouTuber, actor, vlogger, comedian, and writer known for being one of the most subscribed YouTube channel owners, with around 44.6M subscribers.

OccupationYouTuber, actor, vlogger, comedian, and writer
Net Worth$20 Million
YouTube ChannelFelipe Neto YouTube
Age35 years
Last UpdatedSeptember 2023

He came under the media limelight for the fun content he uploads on the same channel. And currently, the internet personality is quite famous for his book “Não Faz Sentido! – Por Trás da Câmera Felipe Neto.”

Felipe Neto Net Worth

As per Idol Networth, Felipe Neto Net Worth is $20 Million

Felipe Was Born And Raised In Brazil

He was born in Brazil on January 21, 1988, to Rosa Esmeralda Pimenta Neto. He attended local high schools near his hometown to complete his formal education, but before enrolling at a higher-education college, he decided to drop out to start a professional career.

His Brother Is A Well-Known Actor

Felipe’s brother Luccas Neto is a well-known actor. He grabbed the media attention after working on multiple notable entertainment projects in both national and international industries. And in addition to that, similarly to Felipe, Luccas is a YouTuber as well, who has around 38.3M subscribers on his channel.


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He Made His YouTube Channel In 2006

After working in numerous stores, companies, and bakeries, Neto created his YouTube channel in 2006. He didn’t upload anything before 2010, and surprisingly right after uploading the third video, the content creator caught the media spotlight. He first became popular in Brazil, and as of now, he is known as a renowned social media star, actor, vlogger, comedian, and writer internationally.

He Later Started Appearing In Advertisement Campaigns Of Famous Brands

After collecting fame internationally, Mr. Felipe decided to grab the limelight in the sphere of entertainment by appearing in advertising campaigns of famous brands. He has also starred in “Será Que Faz Sentido?” And in the same year, he won multiple accolades, including the vlogger of the year award at YouPIX.

He Launched His Company In 2012

Mr. Felipe founded “Paramaker” in 2011. The company was designed to handle the online entertainment sphere in Brazil and was launched in 2012. It is currently running five thousand channels, including popular channels like “Parafernalha” and “IGN Brasil Network.”

In The Same Year, His Channel Became The First Brazilian And Portuguese Language Channel To Reach Millions

Felipe’s YouTube channel became the first Brazilian and Portuguese language channel to reach millions in 2012, which drove him to millions of new subscribers around the world. He also won several awards for this achievement and got invited to numerous television shows, including “Até Que Faz Sentido” and “Felipe Neto MegaFest.”

He attended Harvard University To Learn The Nuances Of Entrepreneurship.

The well-known internet personality attended Harvard University for a 3-week course. He wanted to learn the basics of the nuances of entrepreneurship before starting a proper company, and currently, he is managing a merch business.

Felipe Neto Net Worth Will Surely Take You By Shock

Felipe currently accumulates an estimated net worth of $36.38 million, which he collects from his career as a Portuguese-Brazilian YouTuber, actor, vlogger, comedian, and writer.

Summing Up!

Felipe Neto is currently one of the most well-known YouTubers from Brazil who caught the media attention in such a short while for producing fun content. Well! We hope that this post was helpful and informative for you all.

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