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Jaden Smith Height Uncovered: How Tall is the Multi-Talented Actor and Musician?

Jaden Smith height

Looking for the answer to “Jaden Smith height”? Look no further! This rising star has been making waves in the entertainment industry, and fans are curious about how tall he stands. According to, Jaden Smith’s height is 5ft 7in (170 cm), which may come as a surprise to some. Despite being on the shorter side compared to some of his Hollywood peers, Jaden’s unique style and impressive talents make him stand out in any crowd. Below we have discussed his other personality traits. Take a look!

Note: Jaden Smith does not have an official Facebook page or SoundCloud account, but he has a presence on those platforms through unofficial fan pages.

AttributeJaden Smith
Height5ft 7in (170 cm)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Age24 years old
BirthdateJuly 8, 1998
BirthplaceMalibu, California, USA
EducationAttended New Village Leadership Academy
Body measurementsChest: 38 in (96.5 cm), Waist: 30 in (76 cm), Biceps: 13 in (33 cm)
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBlack
Sexual OrientationPansexual
Relationship statusIn a relationship with model Sofia Richie
Known forActing, music, fashion, and activism
AwardsYoung Artist Award for his performance in "The Pursuit of Happyness"
Social mediaInstagram: @c.syresmith, Twitter: @officialjaden
HobbiesSkateboarding, surfing, and playing music
Favorite sports teamLos Angeles Clippers
PhilanthropyCo-founder of 501CTHREE, which provides clean water to Flint, Michigan, and other communities in need
Body typeSlim
Foot sizeUnknown
Shoe sizeUS 9 (estimated)
Leg lengthUnknown

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Jaden Smith's height compare to other young actors in Hollywood?

A: Jaden Smith's height is relatively average for a young male actor in Hollywood, where many up-and-coming stars are taller than 6ft (183 cm). However, his unique style and talent have helped him stand out from the crowd.

Q: How does Jaden Smith's height compare to his famous friends, like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner?

A: Jaden Smith is significantly shorter than Justin Bieber, who is 5ft 9in (175 cm) tall, and Kendall Jenner, who is 5ft 10in (178 cm) tall. However, Jaden's friendship with these high-profile celebrities has only boosted his own profile and popularity.

Q: How does Jaden Smith's height compare to his ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner?

A: Jaden Smith is significantly shorter than Kylie Jenner, who is 5ft 6in (168 cm) tall. However, their relationship and subsequent breakup garnered significant media attention and helped boost both of their careers.

Q: How does Jaden Smith's height compare to his father's "Men in Black" co-star, Tommy Lee Jones?

A: Jaden Smith is significantly shorter than Tommy Lee Jones, who is 6ft (183 cm) tall. However, their on-screen chemistry in "Men in Black III" was widely praised by critics and audiences alike.

Q: How does Jaden Smith's height compare to his "After Earth" co-star, Will Smith?

A: Jaden Smith is significantly shorter than his father and "After Earth" co-star, Will Smith, who is 6ft 2in (188 cm) tall. However, the father-son duo's performance in the film was widely acclaimed and helped solidify Jaden's status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Q: Does Jaden Smith's height affect his modeling career?

A: Jaden Smith has been successful in his modeling career, despite his relatively average height for a male model. He has walked the runway for major fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and has been praised for his unique style and individuality.

Q: How does Jaden Smith's height compare to his "Karate Kid" co-star, Jackie Chan?

A: Jaden Smith is significantly shorter than his "Karate Kid" co-star, Jackie Chan, who is 5ft 8in (173 cm) tall. However, their on-screen chemistry and martial arts skills were widely praised by audiences and critics, helping to make the film a box office success.


Jaden Smith’s height may not be towering, but his star power is anything but small. From acting to music and fashion, Jaden has proven that success is not just about physical stature, but about talent, determination, and a unique vision. Whether he’s walking the runway or gracing the big screen, Jaden’s individuality and creativity shine through, proving that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world. So, while his height may not be what sets him apart, his remarkable talent and style make him one of the most captivating and exciting young artists of his generation.

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