• Kelsey Rodriguez is a 23-year-old Instagram personality, YouTube star, and painter from the United States of America.
  • She stepped into the world of YouTubing in 2020 and currently has an estimated net worth of $19,779, which will be soon transformed into $45,600 from the live streams she performs on her social media accounts.
  • She also owns an art shop featured on her Koji ID alongside the other platforms she uses.

Kelsey Rodriguez is an American-based social media influencer who grabbed fandom in 2020 after launching her first YouTube video on her channel, which repromoted the art of oils. “Oil Painting Is A Universal Medium That Allows You To Bring Life In Any Painting You Have Been Working On For So Long,” she said.

She has an artistic voice and personality, which leads her to keep her viewers engaged with her work, even on her Instagram account, where she has around 9k followers.

OccupationInstagram personality, YouTube star, and painter
Net Worth19779
YouTube ChannelKelsey Rodriguez YouTube Channel
Age23 Years
Last UpdatedJune 2024

Kelsey Rodriguez Made Her Art Public During The 2020 Pandemic

Rodriguez had stated many times in her YouTube videos about how unhappy she was when Covid-19 arrived internationally and forced almost everyone to stay locked indoors and do nothing.

That was the time when she started posting stuff online, made her YouTube channel, and started making her public appearance on Instagram as well. This helped the young lady grab fame, and later, she became one of the top rising female artists from the US who has 136K subscribers, with 4,629,141 views.

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She Has A Website And A Shop, Where She Sells Her HandPicked Seven Items

Kelsey has a website where she sells her handpicked seven items in the “Shop” section. Those items include her sunny tomato giclee print, the artist YouTuber workbook, business plan notion template for artists, and more. Moreover, she has featured her portfolio on the same website, on which there is so much to discover about her.

She Uploads Content Weekly

Ms. Kelsey updates her fandom weekly via her YouTube channel by posting videos, doing podcasts, or uploading shorts. You can subscribe to her website’s newsletter pop-up to watch the podcasts and training she provides to other rising artists.

She Is On The Root To Making $45,600

According to BusinessInsider.Com, Kelsey is about to make her first $45,600 as a 23-year-old in the upcoming months. Her current net worth is $19,779. And after viewing her social media profiles, it would be safe to say that this young painter is accumulating her earnings from her live streams, podcasts, and videos she uploads on her YouTube channel.

Closings. . .

Kelsey Rodriguez is a renowned emerging painter, artist, social media star, and podcaster who rose to stardom for her YouTube channel, where she posts weekly content. Moreover, she is a mentor who guides hundreds of rising artists worldwide with her business plan notion template for artists, which she sells on her website.