Lauren Riihimaki, better known as LaurDIY in the United States, is a YouTuber, content creator, and social media personality. She is known for her YouTube channel “LaurDIY,” where she shares fashion and lifestyle tips with her fans. Also, the YouTuber has another YouTube channel named “Lauren Riihimaki.” On that channel, she shares her life happenings with her fans, and in 2019, Lauren revealed that she is dating someone, for which that channel got monetized within months. LaurDIY boyfriend is Jeremy Lewis – an American-based businessman.

OccupationYouTuber And Media Personality
Net Worth$2 Million To $5 Million
YouTube ChannelLaurDIY Youtube
Age30 years as of May2024
Marital StatusIn A Relationship With Jeremy Lewis
Last UpdatedMay 2024
Pictures of Lauren Riihimaki

Pictures of Lauren Riihimaki

Lauren Riihimaki Is Only 30 years Old

As of now, her age is 30 years old. This makes this social media star one of the youngest yet most talented YouTubers and content creators to cross 8.46M subscribers and 416,160,629 views on YouTube and 4.4m Followers on Instagram. In addition to that, the LaurDIY TikTok account has 2.2m followers.

She Attended Ryerson University In Toronto

She has been interested in arts since childhood. She studied a Graphic Communications Management course at Ryerson University in Toronto, where she polished her content-creating and DIY skills. This helped her to work with multiple content creators and YouTubers sooner and gain more information about content creation and YouTubing.

She Started Her Career On Instagram

Lauren began professional career as a social media influencer on Instagram. At that time, the LaurDIY Instagram account only had 5k followers. But as per Lauren’s statements in multiple interviews, she felt that her family of five thousand followers on Instagram was more than she could ever imagine. She gained fame when she created her YouTube channel, and currently, she is known as one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the US.

She Made Her Breakthrough After Creating Her Second Channel

Lauren’s second channel was first titled “LaurDIY2.” But later, for some unknown reason, YouTube decided to make it self-titled by naming it “Lauren Riihimaki,” where she currently has 427K subscribers. This channel is still known as her real source of fame, as she revealed some deep secrets of life, including her spouse, family, and friends. LaurDIY boyfriend name is Jeremy Lewis, with whom she has been romantically linked since 2019. Moving on, her mother is Gail Riihimaki, and her father is Greg Riihimaki, who often earns a feature on her main YouTube channel.

Pictures of Lauren Riihimaki Boyfreind - Jeremy Lewis

Pictures of Lauren Riihimaki Boyfreind – Jeremy Lewis


Lauren Is A Dog Lover

LaurDIY dog is a bull terrier breed pet. She has owned that dog for many years. And recently, she bought two new dogs in her house, whose names and breeds aren’t undisclosed yet.


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She Is Currently Managing A Merch Business

Besides running social media profiles on almost every platform, Lauren has a merch website where she sells herself-inspired tops, jeans, trousers, and hoodies. LaurDIY merch is registered as “” on the web. Also, it is available on Instagram with the name “ShopLaurDIY.”


At the moment of writing this post, Lauren Riihimaki is one of the most successful social media stars, content creators, and YouTubers in the United States of America. She currently resides in California and has one Toyota car, which she recently bought from her YouTube earnings.

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