• LooLoo Kids VS CoCoMelon is something people want to know about. Both are two different YouTube channels, working on the same niche for the last couple of years.
  • LooLoo Kids has around 51.6M subscribers, which makes it about a hundred million, down from CoCoMelon, which has an impressive audience of 148 million.
  • Besides this, both channels offer almost the same content, which is now confusing the international audience regarding who is copying who.
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In this post, we will compare LooLoo Kids Vs CoCoMelon’s YouTube channels according to the audience’s point of view, which will surely help you guys decide which channel is the best to select for your kids. Read onwards!

Let’s Review LooLoo Kids First:

LooLoo Kids Wiki

LooLoo Kids is one of the top-subscribed YouTube channels in Romania, with 51.6M subscribers. The channel is owned by Mora TV, which also operates TraLaLa and BoonBoon.

It Was The First Romanian Channel To Earn A Diamond Button On YouTube. It was launched back on August 6, 2014, and according to BusinessReview. EU became the first Romanian YouTube channel to earn a diamond button in 2019 to surpass 10 million subscribers.

It Offers Its Content In 9 Languages

The channel focuses on producing fun content for minors. They use the form of 3D animation and dub it in 7 languages like English, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Lithuanian. Moreover, you can watch LooLoo’s videos in three other languages; French, German, and Italian.

It Has More Than 120 Children’s Songs

Besides dropping their content in multiple languages, LooLoo Kids offers parents a way to entertain their kids with the channel’s collection of 120+ songs. Following that, all the tracks are educational-based, which will let your children learn new things every day.

For those who don’t know – their music tracks are available on their application and YouTube channel as well.

Now, Take A Look At The Pros Of CoCoMelon:

cocomelon WikiCoCoMelon is an American YouTube channel and streaming media show created in 2005 by Jay Jeon, a father of two kids in Southern California. He started working with his wife, and currently, his channel is owned by Moonbug Entertainment. For maintenance, Treasure Studio is looking over. And according to Wikipedia, CoCoMelon has 148 million as of now.

The Channel Was The Most-Subscribed YouTube Channel Of The US In 2021

Back in 2021, CoCoMelon was one of the most subscribed channels in the United States of America. Besides this, the channel was the second most-viewed channel in the world after T-Series.

Creators Of Sesame Street and SpongeBob SquarePants Have Been Fighting To Stream One Of Their Episode Under Their Labels For Years

Apart from having a wow-worthy number of subscribers, the channel is quite wanted in professional entertainment. According to Time.Com, renowned creators of Sesame Street and SpongeBob SquarePants have been fighting to stream one episode under the label for years, but Papa Jeon was never allowed to do so.

The Channel Offers Content For Both Children And Adults

CoCoMelon has a large range of content for both kids and adults. You can find their content on streaming sites, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Ruku. Moreover, the channel does live streams, in which animated cartoons can teach a lot to your child.


LooLoo Kids VS CoCoMelon: Which One Is Better?

After reviewing both channels, one thing is crystal clear – no one’s copying the other. Talking about their content, both of these channels are going great, but for some reason, the audience finds CoCoMelon more convenient to watch. But if we look at LooLoo Kids, they offer an impressive range of languages, which should be the main reason to stream their content.

End Words

LooLoo Kids VS CoCoMelon is indeed doing their best to serve their subscribers the best content they can. But as many people were eager to know whether one of them is copying the other or not, we decided to make a quick comparison, which might be informative and helpful for you to make your decision.