• Hannah Meloche is a 21-year-old YouTuber, TikTok star, and media personality.
  • She is quite famous on her TikTok account, where she has 1.3M followers.
  • Apart from that, she has a big interest in shopping, traveling, and spending quality time with her boyfriend – Jacob Hoexum.
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Hannah Meloche is a fashion and beauty YouTuber and internet personality from the United States of America. She is known for uploading lifestyle and comedic videos on her channel, where she entertains around 2.08M subscribers via videos and shorts. She started editing videos at the age of 11, and currently, she is 21 years old and makes over $1 million.

Hannah Meloche Moved To Michigan Alongside Her Family After Turning 8

Hannah Meloche was born in Santa Monica, California, on February 26, 2001. She moved to Michigan at the age of eight and enrolled at Forest Hills Central High School to complete her formal education. As a kid, she was interested in music making, but after turning 11, she adopted the passion of video editing and started her YouTube channel after turning 13 in 2013.

Pictures of Hannah Meloche TikToker

Pictures of Hannah Meloche TikToker

She Uploaded Her First Video Titled “Little Mix – Black Magic” In 2015

Hannah’s first video on her channel was a musical short flick featuring a few of her friends titled “Little Mix – Black Magic.” That video helped her to become a bit known in the YouTubing industry, and as of now, it has around 823,234 views.

She Grabbed Fame After Uploading Vlogs And Comedy Videos

A few years later, Hannah decided to change her ways of YouTubing and started uploading vlogs and comedy videos, which drove her to massive stardom from around the world. She afterward began to make her presence on other social media sites, like Instagram and Twitter, for which she is now known as one of the best social media influencers in the US.

How Rich Is Hannah Meloche?

According to GrandPeople.Com, Hannah Meloche net worth is over $1 million. It is said that she accumulates all of her income via her social media profiles and the projects she fulfills as a fashion and beauty model.

She Is Still Dating Her Teenage Life Boyfriend

Meloche started dating Jacob Hoexum – an American player, when she was 16 years old. The couple once split up recently after moving together. And until getting back with each other, Hannah dated Dean Congiu – a fellow social media star.

Meet Hannah Meloche Boyfriend - Jacob Hoexum

Meet Hannah Meloche Boyfriend – Jacob Hoexum


Hannah Meloche has become a prominent internet star at a young age and is accumulating over $1 million from her social media profiles. Furthermore, she is a fashion diva who is a well-known face in the American modeling industry – as well!