Created by TopSocial India, with Himanshu Goel leading the project, Kyra Meta Influencer is India’s first meta influencer. She grabbed the media limelight right after the company launched her on the internet in January 2022. And currently, she is a 21-year-old woman who has around 187,000 followers on Instagram and 890 subscribers on YouTube.

OccupationMeta Influencer, YouTuber, And Social Media Star
Total Net WorthN/A
YouTube ChannelSubscribe To Kyra Meta Influencer's YouTube
Age21 years old
Last UpdatedSeptember 2023

Kyra Meta Influencer Was Basically Launched Back In 2021

According to VirtualHumans.ORG, Kyra virtual influencer was launched by TopSocial India in 2021 with a completely different face and body type. But later, the company decided to remove her presence from social media for a while. And afterward, they relaunched her on January 28, 2022.

This time she grabbed the media attention with her modern Indian styling sense and is also managing a small YouTube channel, where she has 890 subscribers only.

Pictures of Kyra - India's first meta influencer

Pictures of Kyra – India’s first meta influencer

90% Of Her Fandom Is Driven By Indian Market, While The Other 10% Is Taking The World By Shock

Before Kyra, the world has already met multiple virtual influencers. And basically, almost every one of them was made up by a company based in the US or Japan. But after India launched her in the influencing market, she gained popularity rapidly.

Still, 90% of her followers on social media are from India, and the other 10% are from other countries who recently discovered her presence through her Instagram posts, where she has impressive engagement and followers.


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The Creators Took Inspiration From US And Japan Virtual Influencers To Make Her

After analyzing the features of Kyra, we have discovered that the creators of this India’s first meta influencer have taken huge inspiration from the virtual influencers from Japan and the United States. Even the creator – Goel stated, “We can see our international companions are making great improvement in the field of virtual influencers.” He later added, “We think there is a great opportunity in India as well, especially for someone like our made-up Kyra.”

Kyra’s First Video On Her YouTube Channel – “Kyra X boAt Rockerz”


Why Is Kyra Going To Be The First Most Successful Meta Influencer?

According to Kyra meta influencer followers on Instagram, one thing is crystal clear, she is definitely the future of the whole online influencing industry. She owns an attractive bio, which reads, “Dream chaser, model, and traveler.” In addition to that, this virtual influencer has given her YouTube channel link and email address for a brand to collaborate.

Kyra virtual influencer is up for brand collaborations

Kyra virtual influencer is up for brand collaborations

Moving on, this 21-year-old meta woman has some exceptional features that will surely drive any renowned brand from an in-person human influencer to her, as she will perform everything they ask her to. There will be no controversies, no scams, and nothing else that can harm the brand’s reputation.

Moreover, brands can monetize Kyra the way they want. They can use her for their latest launched products by bringing her via using technology to a particular space. She won’t complain, and additionally, people will undoubtedly love using what she promoted as a meta guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kyra Meta Influencer

Q: What is Kyra Meta Influencer net worth?

A: At the moment of writing this post, Kyra virtual influencer's net worth is unrevealed on the internet.

Q: What is Kyra Meta Influencer YouTube Channel?

A: Kyra Meta Influencer YouTube Channel is based on her name, "Kyra."

Q: Is Kyra Influencer Real?

A: No, Kyra is a meta-influencer who only influenced people via social media.

Q: How Old Is Kyra Meta Influencer?

A: Kyra is currently 21 years old - as per her creators, TopSocial India.

End Words. . .

Virtual influencers are becoming more and more popular, but their influence is still relatively limited. Well! Kyra has made it her goal to inspire people through her work in Metaverse, and she’s even taking things further than just using social media as a platform to reach out to others—she wants to help others realize their own potential for greatness.

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