Rachel Levin is an American social media star and fashion model known for her YouTube channel – “Rclbeauty101.” She started as a makeup guru and later transformed her channel theme to an outfit idea closet, where she now has around 14 million + subscribers with 3,898,994,958 views.

OccupationYouTuber, Model, And Social Media Star
Net Worth$13 Million
YouTube ChannelRachel Levin YouTube Channel
Age29 years as of February 2024
Marital StatusIn a relationship
Last UpdatedFebruary 2024

Rachel Levin Has Been Entertaining People On YouTube Since 2010

As per her YouTube channel, she joined YouTube on December 15, 2010, when only a few creators were trying to gather a fanbase. She grabbed the viewers’ attention for makeup videos. And as mentioned above, she later changed her content by starting to give her subscribers everyday outfit ideas.

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She Went Viral For Her First Video

Surprisingly, she went viral for her first video – “How To… Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles.” The video currently has 1.1 million views with 31k likes.

She Earned 2 Million Subscribers In The First Year

Gaining an impressive fandom in such a short while, this young talented YouTuber and fashion model attracted 2 million people worldwide in her first year of YouTubing. Furthermore, her other social media profiles, including Instagram, got verified in such a short period of her massive fan following that was driven from her YouTube channel.

She Was Featured On The Wall Street Journal At The Age Of 16

At the age of 16 only, Rachel got featured in The Wall Street Journal for being one of the youngest yet most talented makeup artists on YouTube. It was one of Rachel’s initial career achievements which motivated her to produce better content for her fans in the future.

In 2015, She Got Nominated For The Teen Choice Awards

After being featured in several well-known magazines and blogs, Levin got nominated for the “Teen Choice Awards” in the category Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty. Later, she got selected for “Streamy Awards” in two categories – Breakout Creator and Lifestyle.


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Between 2016 And 2017, She Appeared As A Guest On The Steve Harvey Show and NBC’s The Today Show

With a rapidly growing fan following, Rachel made her guest appearance in two widely viewed television reality shows – The Steve Harvey Show and NBC’s The Today Show. Also, the same month, she appeared on the magazine cover of Adweek magazine.

Pictures Of Rachel Levin

Pictures Of Rachel Levin

Rachel Levin Has Appeared On Other YouTubers Channels As Well

After all this, Rachel decided to collaborate with other YouTubers. On her top list, we can find her long-term buddies, including BeautyLiciousInsider and BeautyBySiena. She worked for them for a month straight to create their “Princess Series,” where they played the roles of every Disney princess – but in a modern way.

Her Sister Revealed That Rachel Got Dropped Out Of School

People love when Rachel features her sister – Daniella Levin, in her YouTube videos and social media profiles. And one day, in a YouTube live stream, her sister revealed that Rachel got dropped out of school. She was about to tell the reason, but suddenly, Rachel turned off the stream and never talked about it again.

Rachel Is Still Dating Her Five-Year-Old Boyfriend

Since 2017, Rachel has been romantically linked with Tyler Regan. The couple has been dating for five years now and often appears together in Rachel’s YouTube videos.


Rachel Levin is the best YouTuber to subscribe to if you want a complete dose of real “Entertainment” in your free time. Her sense of humor and amazing personality will surely inspire you and will make you addicted to her videos forever.

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