The international YouTube channel Troom Troom is frequently credited as having a basis in Ukraine. It is renowned for its DIY, practical joke, and life-saving information. It is among the Top 200 most subscribed YouTube channels as of now, with over 22 million subscribers and 9 billion views. “Make it easy” is the channel’s motto.

OccupationYouTube channel
Net Worth$21 Million
YouTube ChannelSubscribe To Troom Troom YouTube

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When was Troom Troom created?

The YouTube page for Troom Troom was launched on September 12th, 2015.

A Flash On Troom Troom’s Amazing Career Insights

On September 12th, 2015, Troom Troom signed up for YouTube. The channel made its debut in October 2015 as what appeared to be a specific location to get tutorial videos for crafts.

On April 19, 2015, they launched Troom Troom SELECT, a secondary channel; Troom Troom FR, a French-language channel; Troom Troom DE, a German channel; Troom Troom JP; and Troom Troom PT, a Portuguese channel. On the day that they are made, every channel publishes a variant of the original Troom Troom film.

Troom Troom continued to use this enjoyable craft model for another year until early 2017 when new ladies started to be featured on the channel. It morphed into an eccentric combination of prank videos, strange D.I.Y’s, crafts, and life hacks.

Know All About Troom Troom Cast & Crew

The most well-known Troom Troom actors are mentioned here, with a brief bio, their real names, and their Instagram handles. From the lists below, find your favourite Troom Troom cast member.

Yekaterina Musmova

Pictures of Yekaterina MusmovaYekaterina Musmova, or Red Head, is well-known. Yekaterina is a model, makeup artist, actress, and social media sensation. Her most popular platform is Instagram, where she has more than 80K followers. The model was conceived in 1991. (source). As of 2022, she is 31 years old. She is dating Sergey right now.

NameYekaterina Musmova
Character NameRed Head
Age31 Years
InstagramFollow Yekaterina Musmova

Alevtina Martina

Pictures of Alevtina Martina

The blue-eyed girl, also known as Alevtina Martina, is a frequent and well-liked figure on the Troom Troom channel. She enjoys enormous popularity among Troom Troom subscribers. She currently resides in Ukraine, where she was born. She and Igor Matson were married. Every year on March 1, the couple celebrates their anniversary. The 31-year-old model has more than 50K Instagram followers.

NameAlevtina Martina
Character NameBlue-Eyed Girl
Age32 Years
BoyfriendIgor Matsan
InstagramFollow Alevtina Martina on Instagram

Irina Kolesnik

Pictures of Irina Kolesnik

Blondie is a character played by Irina in Troom Troom. The audience loves the character a lot. She has appeared in several well-known Troom Troom videos, including “12 Funny Toilet Paper Pranks and Hacks” (which has had more than 25 million views), “14 Stylish And Easy Hairstyles For Gorgeous Look / Everyday Hair Hacks” (which has received more than 7 million views), etc.

Among the Troom Troom cast, Irina Kolesnik is regarded as one of the hottest models. On Instagram, the model has 70K followers. On average, she receives more than 6K likes on each of her Instagram posts.

NameIrina Kolesnik
Character NameBlondie
Age32 Years
InstagramFollow Irina Kolesnik on Instagram

Eva Voronova

Pictures of Eva Voronova

Eva Voronova, or Vicky, is how Troom Troom viewers refer to her. Eva is wed to a gentleman, but she hasn’t disclosed her spouse’s name. She appreciates exploring new places and trying new cuisines. More than 25K people follow the model on Instagram. Currently, she resides in Odessa, Ukraine.

NameEva Voronova
Character NameVicky
InstagramFollow Eva Voronova on Instagram

Irina Ponomarenko

Pictures of Irina PonomarenkoIn Troom Troom, Irina Ponomarenko portrays Curly Sue. Irina has Ukrainian nationality because she was born there. In 1997, the model was born. She has been 25 years old so far.
She works as an actress and model full-time. The diva enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures and people in addition to acting. She is also very passionate about photography.

NameIrina Ponomaranko
Character NameCurly Sue
Age25 Years
InstagramFollow Irina Ponomaranko on Instagram

Masha Mednaya

Pictures of Masha Mednaya

Masha Mednaya is a sweet and modest model who makes her living as one. In Troom Troom, she is known as Mrs. Smith. On the Troom Troom YouTube channel, she primarily plays funny and filthy scenarios. Masha Mednaya is a lifestyle blogger and model with more than 35K Instagram followers. The young model is 27 years old.

NameMasha Mednaya
Character NameMrs. Smith
Age27 Years
Relationship StatusMarried
InstagramFollow Masha Mednaya on Instagram

Sasha Staro Stina

Pictures of Sasha Staro StinaSasha is a supermodel, entrepreneur, and actor. She grew up and was born in Ukraine and now resides in the lovely city of Odessa. In Troom Troom, she portrays the character dolly. She is now dating Vitor Stein.

NameSasha Staro Stina
Character NameDolly
Age27 Years
BoyfriendVitor Stein
InstagramFollow Sasha Staro Stina on Instagram

Valeria Khadonova

Pictures of Valeria Khadonova

Valeria Khadonova character name is Linda. She describes herself as an actress first, then a comedian. The gorgeous girl uses social media extensively. On Instagram, she has over 15k people following her. Additionally, she may be reached on Twitter, albeit she doesn’t post as frequently as on Instagram.

NameValeria Khadonova
Character NameLinda
InstagramFollow Valeria Khadonova on Instagram

Anastasia Gash

Pictures of Anastasia Gash

Anastasia is a model, performer, and creator. Her husband is a philosopher. She has not disclosed his husband’s name. The adorable couple recently welcomed a baby into their household.

NameAnastasia Gash
Character NameCindy
Age31 Years
InstagramFollow Anastasia Gash on Instagram

Tracy Zhozemanuel

Pictures of Tracy Zhozemanuel

Tracy is Jessica’s actual name. She has made numerous YouTube appearances for the Troom Troom channel and is well-liked by the viewers. She is a social media influencer, model, actress, and traveler.
The gorgeous girl is very involved in her social life. She has more than 50K active Instagram followers. She has almost 2.5 million followers on TikTok. Even though she just started a Youtube channel, it already has more than 10,000 subscribers and is expanding quickly.

NameTracy Zhozemanuel
Character NameJessica
Age31 Years
InstagramFollow Tracy Zhozemanuel on Instagram

Veronika Stakhova

Pictures of Veronika Stakhova

Veronika Stakhova is an actor, model, makeup artist, and influencer. She is counted as the most beautiful actress in Troom Troom.

NameVeronika Stakhova
Character NameRosie
InstagramFollow Veronika Stakhova on Instagram

Svetlana Kupsova

Pictures of Svetlana KupsovaSvetlana Kupsova, 23 years old, was born in Odessa. She enjoys living a posh lifestyle. She also enjoys touring different nations to experience different cultures and meet new people. Through craft cookies, the model offers her handcrafted cookies.

NameSvetlana Kupsova
Character NameChristie
Age23 Years
InstagramFollow Svetlana Kupsova on Instagram

Troom Troom Net Worth And Source of Income

What is Troom Troom’s net worth? The estimated net worth of Troom Troom is $21 Million. The number of their earnings takes subscriptions and views into account. Additionally, the channel’s advertisements bring in roughly $30,000 per day ($11 million annually) in revenue.

Net Worth$21 Million
Source of IncomeYouTube

Rumors And Controversies

Troom Troom is frequently criticized for its “unsettling” or “unnatural sounding” language and expression errors, their overdone photoshopped thumbnails, and their DIYs/pranks, which are frequently viewed as “pointless” and not at all “pranks.”

What is Troom Troom YouTube Handle? Their Other Social Media Profiles

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The Final Words!
Troom Troom is a popular international Ukrainian YouTube channel that posts videos of simple DIY instructions, life hacks, crafts, and practical jokes. Their popular videos include Troom Troom rich vs poor, how to smuggle food into class, how to make your lips look like the interior of an orange, and a tonne of partner and teacher pranks. Well, we sincerely hope you all found this post educational and valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Troom Troom

Q: What is Troom Troom?

A: Troom Troom is a Ukrainian YouTube channel that posts videos of easy DIY tutorials, life hacks, crafts, and pranks.

Q: Is Troom Troom kid friendly?

A: Yes, Troom Troom is kid friendly.

Q: Is Troom Troom Ukrainian?

A: Yes, Troom Troom is a YouTube channel based in Ukraine.

Q: Where is Troom Troom from?

A: Troom Troom is based in Ukraine.

Q: How much money does Troom Troom make?

A: As of 2022, Troom Troom net worth is estimated around $21 million.

Q: Who voices Troom Troom?

A: There are over ten different types of background voice work for YouTube videos.

Q: What is Troom Troom wow?

A: It is a popular YouTube channel.

Q: What does Troom Troom merch offers?

A: This merch offers T-shirts, posters, stickers, home décor, and more.

Q: How do you make a unicorn Troom Troom food?

A: You can view this Troom Troom new video on YouTube.

Q: Where can I see Troom Troom crafts?

A: You can see Troom Troom hacks, Troom Troom pranks on Troom Troom YouTube channel.

Q: What is Troom Troom nail hacks?

A: Troom Troom YouTube channel uploads many weird nail crafts frequently.