• DangMattSmith age is 23 years only.
  • He owns a Merch, which helps him to make half of his fortune.
  • And as of his profile, his real name is Matt Smith.
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Matt Smith is a 23-year-old comedic YouTube personality who rose to stardom after creating his channel (DangMattSmith) on YouTube at the age of 19. He currently makes about $5.71 million and lives in Los Angeles, California, United States. Other than that, his YouTube channel has 13.9M subscribers, with 3,218,688,524 views, which makes him one of the most-subscribed YouTubers in the US.

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DangMattSmith Has a Good Friends’ List Of A Few Fellow YouTubers Since Childhood

DangMattSmith took his first breath on June 7, 1999, in Los Angeles, California, USA, where he grew up alongside Jon Cozart, whose video “Harry Potter in 99 seconds” is quite famous on the internet. They were raised in the same town and collaborated on a video “youtuberewind2015.”

DangMattSmith Pictures

DangMattSmith age is 23 years only.

He Started His Career At The Age Of 19 – In 2018

Matt started his career at the age of nineteen in 2018. He created his channel titled “DangMattSmith,” and decided to show off his humor, for which he recorded the “Like A Boss 2018 Compilation ft. Reaction Time” video, which helped him to come under the media limelight.

His Down-To-Earth Personality Became The Reason Behind His Fame In 2019

After turning 20 in 2019, Mr. Matt grabbed massive fame for having such a friendly and down-to-earth personality. Furthermore, he once won the Shorty Awards for Best YouTube comedian.

By The Age Of 22, He Started Making Millions

Matt started making millions after turning 22. His current age is 23, his net worth is $5.71 million, and he lives in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Moving on, according to NetWorthSpot.Com, the accumulation of Matt’s net worth comes from his Merch and social media profiles.


DangMattSmith came under the media limelight for having an exceptional way to keep his audience entertained with his comedic YouTube content. Anyway, we hope this wiki was helpful and informative for you all.