• Simply Nailogical real name is Cristine Raquel Rotenberg, she is a YouTuber, social media star, and nail artist who recently grabbed fame for her Twitter account after putting out her Christmas addition.
  • Besides this, she has merchandise on “RedBubble.Com.”
  • And according to TheWikiFeed.Com, her net worth is $10 million.
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Simply Nailogical is a Canadian YouTube star and internet personality who is known for her nail polish brand “Holo Taco.” She is a nail artist as well who is quite popular for her merchandise on “RedBubble.Com,” where she sells art gifts and clothes.

Below we will discuss her age, marital life, career journey, and more. Read onwards!

Simply Nailogical Was Born In A Small Town Of Richmond Hill, Ontario

Simply Nailogical real name is Cristine Raquel Rotenberg. She was born in the small town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, on October 17, 1988, where she appeared in 15 different kids’ commercials and adopted the craze of keeping herself well-dressed 24/7.

The information about her parents and siblings is unrevealed, but she often features her grandmother on her YouTube channel and Instagram profile.

Simply Nailogical Pictures

Simply Nailogical Pictures

She Left Her Seat As Crime Statistics Analyst To Start Her Nail Polish Brand

Before grabbing fame as a nail artist, Cristine was working as a crime statistics analyst under the Canadian government. She always loved dressing her nails, for which she started a YouTube channel where she taught a bunch of people about nail colors and designs and ended up opening her own brand – Holo Tako.

She Gathered Fame After Uploading Her 100+ Coats Of Nail Polish Video

Cristine became worldwide famous after she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled “100+ Coats Of Nail Polish.” She uploaded that video six years ago, and currently, it has 29 million views. Besides this, many of her other videos are the reason behind the success she has today.

She Has A Whooping Net Worth Of $10 Million

At the moment of writing this post, Simply Nailogical net worth is $10 million, which she accumulates as a social media star, brand owner, and influencer.

She Was Once Rumored To Be Dating Her Co-Podcaster

Talking about her marital life, Cristine was once rumoured to be dating her co-podcaster Ben Mazowita. She is a big pet lover and has two cats, who she usually features on her Instagram.

Closings. . .

Simply Nailogical wanted to pursue the field of nails since she was a teen who barely knew anything about the styles and colours. Now she has everything she wanted, including a thriving brand and merchandise, from which she makes $10 million.

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