Zhao Lusi Height: Zhao Lusi’s height is approximately 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) or 1.65 meters.

The television personality rose to fame through her breakthrough role in 2018 when she starred in the TV drama “Oh! My Emperor.” However, her role as Chen Qianqian in the 2020 drama “The Romance of Tiger and Rose” garnered widespread recognition and catapulted her to even greater fame.

Unveiling Zhao Lusi: Factual Information and Body Statistics

Real NameZhao Lusi
NicknameRosy Zhao
Age24 years old (in 2023)
Date of BirthNovember 9, 1998
Full NameZhao Lusi
ProfessionActress, Singer
BirthplaceChengdu, China
Zodiac SignScorpio
QualificationHigh School Graduation
Known ForStarring in "The Romance of Tiger and Rose" TV show
Debut FilmCity of Rock (2017)
Debut TV showUntouchable Lovers (2018)
Net Worth$6 Million Approx
HobbiesPhotoshoot, Painting, Dancing
Favorite DestinationJapan
Favorite FoodChicken
Favorite ColorRed, Brown
Body Measurements29-22-31 inches
Body TypeSlim
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)
Weight46 kg (101 lbs)
Waist22 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Shoe Size8 (US)
Dress Size4 (US)

Heights Revealed: Zhao Lusi Stands Tall Among Celebrities

Zhao Lusi5' 5" (165 cm)-
Tom Cruise5' 7" (170 cm)Taller
Ariana Grande5' 0" (152 cm)Shorter
Dwayne Johnson6' 5" (196 cm)Taller
Taylor Swift5' 10" (178 cm)Taller
Kevin Hart5' 4" (162 cm)Shorter
Rihanna5' 8" (173 cm)Taller
Bruno Mars5' 5" (165 cm)Same
Emilia Clarke5' 2" (157 cm)Shorter
Chris Hemsworth6' 3" (191 cm)Taller
Zendaya5' 10" (178 cm)Taller
Zac Efron5' 8" (173 cm)Taller

Zhao Lusi: Filmography and TV Shows


  1. City of Rock (2017)
  2. Legend of Yun Xi (2018)
  3. Jade Dynasty (2019)
  4. Love of Thousand Years (2020)

TV Shows:

  1. Untouchable Lovers (2018)
  2. Oh! My Emperor (2018)
  3. The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020)
  4. Love of Thousand Years (2020)
  5. Love Better Than Immortality (2020)
  6. My Girl (2020)
  7. Dear Mayang Street (2020)
  8. Love Crossed (2022)
  9. The Rational Life (2022)

Social Media Accounts

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  3. Weibo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Zhao Lusi's height?

A: Zhao Lusi's height is approximately 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) or 1.65 meters.

Q: Who are some celebrities of similar height to Zhao Lusi?

A: Here are some celebrities who are of similar height to Zhao Lusi: Taylor Swift - 5' 10" (178 cm)
Zendaya - 5' 10" (178 cm)
Rihanna - 5' 8" (173 cm)
Zac Efron - 5' 8" (173 cm)
Tom Cruise - 5' 7" (170 cm)
Bruno Mars - 5' 5" (165 cm)

Q: Who are some celebrities taller than Zhao Lusi?

A: Some celebrities who are taller than Zhao Lusi include: Dwayne Johnson - 6' 5" (196 cm) Chris Hemsworth - 6' 3" (191 cm) Taylor Swift - 5' 10" (178 cm) Zendaya - 5' 10" (178 cm) Rihanna - 5' 8" (173 cm)

Q: Who are some celebrities shorter than Zhao Lusi?

A: Some celebrities who are shorter than Zhao Lusi include: Ariana Grande - 5' 0" (152 cm) Emilia Clarke - 5' 2" (157 cm) Kevin Hart - 5' 4" (162 cm) Zac Efron - 5' 8" (173 cm) Tom Cruise - 5' 7" (170 cm)

Q: Is Zhao Lusi considered tall in the entertainment industry?

A: In the entertainment industry, Zhao Lusi's height can be considered average. She is neither exceptionally tall nor short compared to her fellow actors and actresses.

Q: How does Zhao Lusi's height compare to other female celebrities in China?

A: Zhao Lusi's height is similar to many female celebrities in China. It falls within the average range for female performers in the industry.

Q: Does Zhao Lusi's height affect her acting career?

A: Zhao Lusi's height does not significantly impact her acting career. Talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft are the primary factors that contribute to her success in the industry.

Q: Is Zhao Lusi known for her height or any specific physical attribute?

A: While Zhao Lusi is recognized for her talent and beauty, her height is not a specific attribute that stands out or defines her public image.

Q: Does Zhao Lusi wear high heels to appear taller in public appearances?

A: Like many celebrities, Zhao Lusi may wear high heels on occasions to enhance her overall look, but it is a personal choice and not solely to appear taller.

Q: Are there any height requirements for actors/actresses in the Chinese entertainment industry?

A: The Chinese entertainment industry does not have strict height requirements for actors and actresses. Casting decisions are based on various factors, including talent, suitability for the role, and popularity.

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