With around 6.19M subscribers on YouTube, Brandon Rogers is a renowned YouTuber, comedian, actor, writer, director, editor, and producer from the United States who earned recognition for playing different characters on his self-titled YouTube channel. Following this, Brandon is a co-writer of the adult animated web series “Helluva Boss,” in which he also worked as a voice artist for its main character – Blitzø.

OccupationMeta Influencer, YouTuber, And Social Media Star
Net Worth$2.8 Million
YouTube ChannelBrandon Rogers YouTube
Age35 years
Last UpdatedFebruary 2024
Pictures Of Brandon Rogers

Pictures Of Brandon Rogers

Brandon Rogers Was Born And Raised In Livermore, California

Brandon’s birth name is Brandon George Rogers. He was born on August 3, 1988, in Livermore, California, the United States of America. And as per his Wikipedia, he was raised in the same place alongside his two siblings by his parents, who were quite liberal, for which he started making his own money at a very young age.

He Started His Video-Making Career At A Personal-Injury Law Firm

Mr. Brandon started his career as a video creator at a local personal-injury law firm, where he documented multiple court hearings with his cameraman – Gabriel Gonzales. He later decided to turn those mini-documentaries into humor-filled funny videos and started his YouTube channel on January 7, 2006, as “HotBananaStud.”

He Gained Media Attention For The First Time In 2015

In 2015, Mr. Brandon went viral for the first time internationally for his six-second video on the late application “Vine.” In that video, he shared a few witty characters he now plays on his self-titled YouTube channel. And according to Wikipedia, for the uniqueness of his style of making videos, his six-second clip later got featured in Fine Brothers Entertainment’s React series, for which he became more popular among other YouTubers in the United States at that time.

In 2016, He Earned The Offer To Host His Show By “Super Deluxe”

After grabbing the media limelight, “Super Deluxe” offered Brandon Rogers to present his show in 2016. He accepted the offer and named his television reality show series “Magic Funhouse!,” which later got available on Fullscreen’s short-lived subscription service and became the most viewed object in the service’s history.

Furthermore, the reality television show was nominated for Best Comedy Series at the 7th Annual Streamy Awards the same year.

He Won Multiple Titles And Awards After The Success Of His Television Show

In 2017, when his show “Magic Funhouse!” earned munificent fame, he achieved the title of the “New Face: Creator” at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. The same month he earned numerous accolades like the 9th Annual Streamy Awards and the 10th Annual Shorty Awards.

Is Brandon Rogers Gay?

In numerous videos on his self-titled YouTube channel, Rogers has openly stated that he is gay. Even on his Twitter account, he often shares the things he has to face for being gay and the “FUN” he has for not being as attracted to women as he is to men.


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Summing Up!

Brandon Rogers characters and the way he represents them will always be his specialty, for which he is widely known as the “Best” comedian and social media entertainer in the United States. Well! We hope that this article was beneficial for you all – thanks for spending your valuable time with us.

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